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Early departure from Quito to the western Andes, passing on the way by Pahuma Orchid forest, being Ecuador the owner of 8% of the Orchids of the world is a must to stop and enjoy them. The Mindo Cloud Forest area is one of the richest ecosystems in South American therefore it is an excellent place to do birdwatching. It shelters more than 350 species of birds, were the most noticeable are the partridge, Andean cock of the rock, hummingbirds, trogons, and more. Other fauna attractions are the butterflies, bats, squirrels, deer, spectacled bears and small amphibians. After almost 2 hours driving on the Nono-Mindo road, arrive to Sacha Tamia Ecolodge, one of the best places to observe the hummingbirds, one of the most iconic specie among other birds like the Many Banded Aracari, Cock of the Rock, Antpittas, a huge variety of tanagers, etc. Even without counting the seemingly endless species of hummingbirds who frequent the feeders of this former cow pasture, the list of bird species seen here would rival—and may well surpass—any single location in the world. If you want your species list to expand exponentially, this is a must visit.  Enjoy a delicious local lunch in the property before returning to Quito at the end of the afternoon. (L)

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Birdwatching & mindo cloud forest with lunch

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We traveled to Quito in early 2024 and had the opportunity to delve deeply into the country's culture by visiting the museum. Later, at Casa Agave, we had a truly spectacular experience.
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