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Departure from Quito and drive North-West (about 30-45 minutes) to visit the Middle of the World Monument, built to mark the meridian arc of the planet at 0º latitude—better known as the Equator—and to commemorate this surveying feat in the 18th century. It’s also the site of a small colonial town crowded with craft shops and restaurants. This excursion includes a visit to Casa Agave, a comprehensive project that has worked in the recovery of knowledge and enhancement of one of the oldest heritages of the equatorial inter-Andean valleys, the Agave culture, all its uses and derivatives.

Agave is one of the most familiar species is a native of tropical arid valleys in America. Common names include century plant, maguey (in Mexico), or American aloe (though not related to the genus Aloe). The name «century plant» refers to the long time the plant takes to flower. The juice and sap of the Agave plant can be used an alcoholic drink and as a natural medicine to treat intestinal gas, constipation, upset stomach, weak digestion, malicious gut bacteria, stomach inflammation, and ulcer. It’s a gut-health powerhouse, and it’s an excellent nutrient-rich supplement to any diet.

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Equator monument tour and Casa Agave

$ 80
1-30 MARCH

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We traveled to Quito in early 2024 and had the opportunity to delve deeply into the country's culture by visiting the museum. Later, at Casa Agave, we had a truly spectacular experience.
Stephanie Murillo

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